Our Services

Premium and Claims Administration

Arch Insurance Solutions provides its own premium and claims administration services. We strive to make the claims process as easy and straightforward as possible. Travelers can download claims forms from our website or contact our claims department directly. Our claims team works to review claims as quickly and efficiently as possible – often in as little as two weeks. Download Claims Forms.

Customer Service

Your can expect to receive the highest quality customer service from Arch Insurance Solutions. We believe that good customer service is the key to satisfied customers. Our representatives are trained to provide thorough answers to questions and to identify the insurance plan that best meets each traveler's needs – we won't try to sell you more insurance than you need.


The Arch team consists of some of the travel insurance industry's most experienced underwriting talent. Our underwriting philosophy emphasizes prudent risk selection, consistent underwriting and proper pricing and structure of every risk. We believe that claims handling is an important measure of an insurance company's worth, so we draw on the best internal and external resources available to handle every claim as expeditiously and satisfactorily as possible.

We will work directly with you to customize a program that best fits your travelers' needs. These customized products can then be purchased directly through your personalized website.